About the website/blog: This is the official online presence of Jim Ruderer, which sounds like something far more important than it actually is. Nobody really cares what I’m up to.

About me: my wonderful wife Heather and I have four truly awesome little nutballs: Gabriel, Jonas, and the twins, Suzana and Luca.

Apart from being a happy husband and daddy, I work in an ER where I have a ringside seat to nightly entertainment, and I’m starting nursing school in a few days (graduation should be in May of 2012… assuming the world doesn’t end).

I’m also an aspiring photographer. I started out as a hobbyist, but I’m hoping to get good enough to make some money doing it someday. Maybe not a fortune… but enough to sustain my addiction.

You can find me on Twitter (@jimruderer) and if you want to join me on my journey to photographic excellence, check me out at Shutterbuster.