She was still wearing her fancy party dress from Gabe’s birthday today. She was really cranky and fell asleep in the car. She wasn’t any better when she woke up.

After all the kids went to bed and I made myself an egg burrito, she asked if I wanted a piece of cheese. When I yelped after scratching myself, she asked, “you am ok?” She was my tv buddy, we tried to spot the blood supermoon, we played Crossy Road, she did headstands and flips.

She’s my patoots.



So I have this theory about when bad shit happens.

There’s just no avoiding it- bad shit WILL happen from time to time. And often, when bad shit happens, we’ll wonder why something less bad couldn’t have happened instead. “Why couldn’t I have broken my leg instead of my son breaking his?” That sort of thing.

How do we know that it doesn’t actually work that way? It might; we have no way of knowing. The universe may just revert to some random moment earlier in the day, and we go back about our business, the bargain we made with the universe goes into effect, and we’re none the wiser.

I like to think it works that way. Especially when I get pissed off about pretty minor shit like having to round up four kids and load them into the car so we can help mommy, who locked herself out of the car. In that alternate universe, I’m wishing that a locked-in set of keys was the worst of my worries and I’m trying to cut a bargain with my higher power.

I’m just juggling a few things for right now.